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30 Unique Batman Birthday Cakes

The best collection of batman birthday cakes. Here are unique batman cakes with images will give you more ideas to make a birthday cake for your baby.

Batman – an imaginative superhero, who is famous for his talented and braveness. No one can’t explain why they are in love with a fictional character, but the story of him has become legends that not only children but also adult trusted in. Until now, many people still believe in Batman – who won’t leave them, who fights for them, who objects the dark.

For those reasons, some cakes have been made based on the Batman figure. These cakes become popular immediately. They are really meaning gifts for many people who love Batman a lot.

Does someone that you know love Batman too? Here are Top 30 Unique Batman cakes for them. Let try!

Best Amazing Batman Birthday Cakes

  1. Amazing Batman cake

This Birthday Cake is really amazing and lively, suitable for children who are active. Come on, parents, take it for your kids!

  1. Art Batman cake

An Art Batman Cake will make not only children but also adults interested in. So why don’t you buy one for just a family’s dinner? It will warm your house!

  1. Attractive Batman cake

So attractive, right? This cake has been sold a lot because of its uniqueness. It is suitable for everyone who loves Bat man!

  1. Baby Batman cake

A Little cute Baby Batman are laying on this cake. Really peaceful. Can you believe this baby will become a huge hero in the future? He did it! Show your love to this baby by buying this cake!

  1. Batman cake for Little kids

Two heroes here! No kids just love only Batman. They love many many heroes in comics. Then why don’t you try this to make your kid happy and interesting on his birthday? Wish your kid can be brave as these superheroes!

  1. Batman cake for boys

A Batman cake for Boys – A cake with a lot of interesting and creative images. Your boy will never deny it.

  1. Batman cake for Girls

Who said only boys love Batman. So the girls do! A Batman Cake for girls is a nice idea! On your daughter’s birthday, gift her this if she is a fan of Batman. She will kiss you because of this meaning cake!

  1. Batman cake for Kids

A car with Batman, so special. Kids all like this cake.

So try.

  1. Batman cake for Youth

Batman has a big effect on Youth Generation because of his talent and kindness. Many people try to act like him. That’s why this cake has been created. Try to gift them one. They will really happy and smile all day!

  1. Full Batman cake

Full Batman cake will make his fan crazy when they receive it. Do you know anyone who is a fan of Batman? Does their Birthday come? Try this, and they even love you because of it!

  1. Birthday Batman cake

Does your kid’s birthday come closer? Does he love Batman? Then you can try this simple Birthday Batman Cake. It will bring your kid happiness, trust me. Oh, and Happy birthday to your little child!

  1. Brave Batman cake

A brave and serious Batman is waking up and protecting his city! This cake is so pretty and I love it. So I hope you too!

  1. Chocolate Batman cake

The Chocolate Batman Cake will really suitable for those who love Batman and Chocolate. So I am! I have tried it. It’s so delicious. So why don’t you try, my friends?

  1. Cool Batman cake

This cake has light and brings all the black, except the symbol. So special, isn’t it? It’s a simple cake, but it’s also an impressive cake. Let try!

Top Unique Batman Birthday Cakes

  1. Cute Batman cake

A little Cute Bat man is laying on this cake. Very lovely. Why don’t you try this special cake for little kids?

  1. Face of Batman cake

Batman is really handsome and so cool. He is very serious, isn’t he? But he is very kind and won’t leave us. That’s why the cake brings his face always been sold!

  1. Friendly Batman cake

Even though Batman wants to fight alone, but he still has friends – other heroes. It means so you are. This cake has been made to celebrate a great and lovely friendship, a forever friendship!

  1. Funny Batman cake

Oh wow. Joker – who represented the Dark, has been Batman stand on! He is very angry, but he can’t object the Talented of Batman. So funny, so meaning! Kids will love it!

  1. Greatest Batman cake

A square cake with a lot of funny things around The symbol of Batman has been really interesting gifts for people who love Batman. They may laugh a lot when they see this, trust me!

  1. Happy Batman cake

You know. Super Hero still knows how to love. So we are. A Cake with the sweet of love will bring us together. Batman can love. You can. Enjoy your wedding. Wish you a lot of lucks!

  1. Super Hero – Batman cake

Look at this! A super Hero here! He is standing on this cake! So brave! Batman brings you what? Believe in the right! That’s why This cake will give you happiness. Try it!

  1. Huge Batman cake

This cake is really huge, isn’t it? Bats are everywhere. This will be really suitable for a big party with a lot of kids there. They will share this cake with each other and closer. Why don’t you try this useful cake, adults?

23. Lovely Batman cake

A lot of Bat here. That how this cake impressed us. Bat?? Huhm! Bat – man. That’s right. We all can recognize this. Why? Because Batman has become our life, who really loves the comic, especially Super Hero!

24. Mature Batman cake

Who said We would stop loving Batman when we became adults? No, no, We will never stop. That’s why this cake has been made for them, on their special occasion! Happy birthday1

25. Nice Batman cake

No Batman here, but your kid will still be really keen on. You know why? Because the symbol “the Bat” on the Cake has told him: Batman is here!

26. Simple Batman cake

A really Simple Batman, but no one doesn’t recognize him! Batman here has another image, more cute, more little, but still strong! To your kid’s birthday, why don’t you give him (or her) a cake of his (or her) idol??

27. Special Batman cake

Wow wow, a really huge and brave hero here, on this cake! Batman! I am sure that your boy will be interested in this, and he may scream because of surprising!

28. Strong Batman cake

This cake has drawn a Strong but very Cute Batman. It will be an Amazing gift for your son, or even your daughter, on their birthday, I promise. Let try this!

29. Wedding Batman cake

Who said you would stop loving Batman when you grew up? Even though you have got married, Batman will still be an Idol that you won’t ever forget. That’s why this cake has been made. Happy Wedding!

30. White Batman cake

Batman is known as a Black man. He always wears full black – clothes. That’s why this cake uses the White background. First, it highlights The Bat – symbol of this hero. And then, a White Batman will make a strong impression. This cake is really really special. Why don’t you try this?


30 Unique Batman Birthday Cakes
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