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Best 30 Birthday Greetings to a Friend

Here is the best list of birthday greetings to a friend. It will give you the unique ideas to send messages, wishes or birthday cards to your best friends.

There is a saying like this: ‘Love knows no limits, and true friendships last a lifetime’. Indeed, best friends are the ones who always stand by you when you are in trouble, who share with you all joys and sorrows in life. Therefore, it is a beautiful behavior to express your love to your best friends, to tell them how thankful you are to have such great partners in life, and one of the perfect chances to do that is their birthdays.

It may be a problem for you to determine what kind of present to give them: a birthday cake? A T-shirt? Or shoes? The fact is that nothing could be more wonderful than warmest and heartiest birthday greetings which are not only simple gifts but considered to be a heart-to-heart connection.

There is a various kind of birthday messages that you can say to your friends, but some are funny, some are sarcastic, some are serious which might make you confused to pick up. Why don’t you browse our collection of best 30 birthday greeting to a friend? Find the greatest one and sent it to your friends.

Best 30 Birthday Greetings to a Friend

1. A great friend and a happy birthday: that’s what you are, and that’s what I wish for you.

Out there, the butterflies are flitting, the birds are singing to celebrate your special day. Happy birthday to my friend who brings joys to the world.

2. Happy birthday to my best friend – the one who laughs at my jokes and cries with me during my heart aches.

You’ve always been wonderful at sharing and caring. On this birthday, I wish you the love and care that you have given unselfishly to me and others.

3. I take my pen in hand to wish that all good things may come to you, on your birthday.

You are definitely a good person and a true friend, so please don’t change ever! Happy Birthday, and may every wish you have come true!

4. Happy birthday to the friend who has been there through it all. I don’t know where I would be without you.

It is unbelievable to look back on how many years we have already passed together. I am glad you have been my best friend for so long. Happy Birthday!

5. We talk every day, meet everyday and still, it feels that I need your more company.

Because I have such a great friend like you, every day feels like a special holiday ever. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with the love from my heart.

6. You are an amazing friend with a good heart. May God pour his love and warmth on you.

I have a lot of friends coming into my life, but you are the one I don’t want to lose. I’m so glad you are my best friend. Best wishes on your special day.

7. I bought you this card to send you my very best wishes.

I have 3 wishes for your birthday. First, I wish you would always be happy. Second, I wish your desires come true soon. Third, I wish we would be forever best friends.

8. I hope that our friendship continues to burn brighter than a thousand suns.

May the sun bring you the brightest light and the birds sing you the sweetest song on this special day.

9. Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated a happy birthday.

Your birthday is the perfect day for me to say that I’m so glad to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

  1. Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day.

You are the brightest star in the dark sky, the best melody in a song, and the biggest gift in my life.

11. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

We have been together gone through the best of time and also the worse of time. I know that you will always stand by me no matter what happens.

12. I appreciate the time we spent together. I continue to love you.

Wish you an unforgettable year of joy, happiness and greatness.

13. Have a great year ahead with lots of moments of happiness.

Do you know that I am so happy to have another year being with you, my friend? Wish you a year full of happiness, love and success.

14. May your day be filled with joy, wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

You mean more than a friend to me. You are my brother/sister who teaches me many great things. Happy birthday.

Top Unique birthday greetings to a friend

15. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

The biggest present I have received ever is you. I really cherish the times I have spent with you. That’s the thing I don’t want to forget, even the smallest piece of memory.

16. It is a good blessing to have a close friend like you and I love you most nice things that can be in the universe.

On the dark sky with thousands of star, you are the brightest one. You light my life with you warmth and love. Thanks for coming into my life.

17. Dear friend, our friendship is my life’s biggest prize.

I find myself the luckiest person in the whole entire world to find out the most beautiful four-leaf clover, that’s you!

18. I wish you a cat cuddles and pizza kinda day.

Our friendship is even sweeter than this birthday cake. Let’s make it sweeter and sweeter.

19. I’ll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer.

To my friend, even though we are far from each other, my heart is always close to yours. I will follow you in every area of your life. Happy birthday.

20. When the world works right, good things happen to and for you.

Wishing you a day filled with love, happiness, loads of presents and smiles. Happy Birthday, you wonderful person.

21. I’m wishing you all the best on this very special day.

On your journey life, there will surely be failure, success, happiness and pain. But I believe you are strong enough to come through all of them. Happy birthday.

22. I wish nothing but the best in life for you and that you continue to receive love and blessings.

On your special day, I wish you would find out someone who makes you really happy and something which makes you interested in.

23. You are always there in need, you don’t have that inner greed, you are not selfish in your ways, you have a heart of gold.

Having you in my life is the best thing ever happened to me. I appreciate that wonderful gift. Happy birthday.

24. Blow the candle and make your wish. May the flame of joy never blow out of your life.

You never have to walk alone in your life as long as you have me. We will together go through everything.

25. I like you because you join in my weirdness.

No matter how crazy, how weird I am, you still join with me. That makes me feel like I am not alone, and happy to have a partner like you.

26. Some things just get better with age. And you are definitely one of them.

One day you will be old, but today you just get older. And that doesn’t matter as long as we are with each other. I have another year to live with you.

27. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

If my life was like a fairy tale, then you would be the fairy coming to bring me the happiest life ever.

28. I wish that you never have to see a day of sadness in your life. Stay healthy and happy.

I want to wish you the lots of happiness for today, smiles for tomorrow, and blessings for the rest of your life.

29. I appreciate the time we spent together. I will continue to love you.

Wish you an unforgettable year of joy, happiness and greatness.

30. Some friends touch your heart in a way you can never erase. You are one of them.

My heart is always warmed up when I am with you. Everything you have done will never be erased inside my heart.

Best 30 Birthday Greetings to a Friend
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